Exclusive Eggs

Our product range includes a number of special types of eggs. These include two types of eggs from laying hens that genetically originate from South American Indians, as well as eggs from the Moravia breed that our great-grandmothers knew.

Blue and Green Eggs

exkluzivni 01

We bring you blue and green eggs from hen breeds that originated with Chilean indigenous tribes.
Their eggs are exclusive and unique in that they have a lower cholesterol content than eggs from common hens, and are also a natural antioxidant. They are very popular on the American continent as well as in Britain, in top London restaurants.
Araucana modra_zelena_IMG_1572The lineage of this breed is pure, and keeping these rare hens is more demanding. The laying hens have much smaller clutches, and the laying of a single egg takes longer than with common laying hens. For this reason, the eggs possess exceptional properties and contain all of the necessary useful nutrients. The eggs have a unique, full, creamy flavour and are beneficial to your health. They also have a firm, round yolk, which is excellent for preparing fried eggs. However, they are delicious any way you prepare them.
Without a doubt, our blue and green eggs are worth a try and a great way to enrich your diet.


Dark Brown Eggs

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Originally from Chilean Indians, these hens lay dark brown eggs as well, and also come from a pure breeding lineage, with smaller clutches and longer egg laying times. The eggs have a beautiful, shiny, dark brown eggshell that is very strong, making it perfect for boiling. In addition to the beautiful colour of the eggshells, these eggs are also unique for to their distinctive, rich, delicious flavour and evoke the olden days with their thick yolks.
Marana tm_hneda_vejce_IMG_1603They are excellent for scrambled eggs, but are, of course, great any way you prepare them. Brown eggs are very popular in top London restaurants that use their rich flavour to enhance countless recipes.



Moravia Eggs

exkluzivni 03_vejce_moravia

Traditional Czech eggs with the characteristic creamy white eggshell from cage-free hens.
These cage-free eggs are entirely unique on the Czech market, whether it be because of their access to daylight or because of the special selection process.
It is a given that our cage-free birds have access to daylight, which increases the laying hens' quality of life. Moravia IMG_1716
This means that the hens live in a natural life rhythm, have freedom of movement in the halls, and are able to roost and scratch. This means that the eggs that make their way to our customers come from happy hens.
Eggs from traditional Czech Moravia breed hens are distinguished by their delicious flavour as well as excellent whipping properties. They are characterised by a cream-coloured eggshell and a beautiful shape. The yolks have a naturally rich hue, almost orange in colour. Moravia is a genuine Czech breed that our grandmothers knew well.