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Odchov nosnic
Odchov nosnic

Welcome to the website of a leading, exclusively Czech farm with a 40-year tradition. At our farm in Slaný, we produce top-quality, fresh chicken eggs in standard S, M, L, XL class sizes, as well as in the non-standard XXL size. The high quality of our products is guaranteed by a declared veterinary certificate.

Our fresh eggs are made available to customers the day after they are laid at the latest at our company store in Slaný as well as at the stores of our contractual partners (would you like to become a contractual partner?).

Egg pick-up for minimum orders of 180 eggs for in-person pick-up at the sales warehouse at the farm or at our facilities in Prague Řepy. Regular deliveries for orders of over 360 eggs according to the delivery schedule by 3 days from laying at the latest.

We also cook and peel eggs, or even cook and dye them according to our customer's wishes in all basic colours. Our PICKNIC [PICNIC] eggs and SNACK eggs are very popular.

Our cooked and peeled eggs in brine are very popular with top delicatessen facilities, as well as with quality restaurants and school cafeterias.

Our hens are raised in modern cage systems located in halls that ensure maximum hygiene, cleanliness, and safety of the raw ingredients at intake and at the final product at the outlet. Our production utilises automated systems for heating, feeding, watering, and faeces collection. Information collected during these processes are submitted to the company's information system. Other information entered into the system includes data from the tensometric scales at the silos as well as data from the egg counters. Based on these modernisations, the management of the facilities has become more effective and transparent.

We operate nonstop certified egg inspection.

We rear our own laying hens ourselves by importing day-old chicks from exceptional gene pools from abroad.

We feed our hens with common top-quality natural feeds.